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The Whisky Cellar is an Edinburgh-based independent Scotch Whisky bottler, selecting casks from its private stock at the peak of their character.

Bottled a parcel of several single casks at a time, each individual series under our ‘Private Cellars Selection’ label is studiously chosen to delivery a wide spectrum of natural colour, aroma and flavour.

“Unconstrained by age or statement of vintage, regionality or cask type…if our tasting panel love the whisky enough, we will bottle it.” 

- Keith Bonnington, Founder


People often ask me “what’s your go-to whisky?” and I end up just rattling off a whole load of distillery names and not really answering the question.

Whiskies suit moments, occasions and the company you are in at any given time. On balance, I have always veered towards a sweeter, fruitier style – Speyside in particular. However, nothing hits the spot after a rough day like a peaty beast of a malt from Islay.

This series is a culmination of my experiences in the industry. I think this would make a really interesting ‘tasting flight’, exploring different styles and an array of colour, aroma and flavour.

I really do hope you enjoy drinking these whiskies as much as I did putting them together.

Cùm sàbhailte.

“I am delighted to present this first ever release from our ‘Private Cellars Selection’ label. The whiskies – all ten of them – that feature in this inaugural series are assessed and selected by experts of their trade with decades of collective Scotch whisky experience, much of it in the sample room, to call upon.”

Keith Bonnington